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Adaptive Testimonials

Adaptive Testimonials

Melia was very professional at her admission. Adaptive came into my mother in-laws home at the right time and it was what I expected. The nurse, Chris came in and checked all meds, let her know what the plan was for her pain. He spoke with her to let her know how much and what to take in-between doses. And at the last days of her life, Melia was a phone call away. She went above and beyond her job. She asked Dr. French for a direct admit to the hospital and she got her an ambulance to pick her up. Melia was at the hospital when we got there at 10:30pm. She talked to us and let us know that Dr. French would be there in the morning. He came in on Saturday to let us know that she will not be leaving. And that gave us insight of what we would be dealing with. And would highly recommend them to all.
-Connie Halas

Our loved one, William “Guy” Schroeder, was the person being cared for by Adaptive Hospice in 2017. He was diagnosed with Cancer in March 2017 and was told there was not much that could be done about it. We, along with his primary care physician, decided we would contact Adaptive Hospice to make this easier on Guy. Guy did not want to pass in a hospital, he wanted to pass at home. Hospice made that possible for him. From the time we called Adaptive Hospice in until Guy passed in May of 2017, they were there for Guy and all of us. The people at Adaptive Hospice took the time to explain what to expect in the last stages of Guy’s life. Our nurse, Chris, became part of our family very quickly because we could call him day or night and he could come be with us. All of the people that we dealt with through Adaptive Hospice made us feel like we were the most important people to them. To watch a loved one transition into the afterlife is so difficult but Adaptive Hospice made that time more bearable and were not only there for the physical needs of Guy but all of our emotional needs as well. Adaptive Hospice was so much more than what we had imagined they would be. We have and will continue to recommend Adaptive Hospice to others that are about to begin a journey similar to ours. We are so thankful Adaptive Hospice was there for the hardest days of our lives.

-V. Faye Schroeder

Without the help of Adaptive Services, I would have been at a loss on how to care for my dying mother. I had never had to deal with anything like this before. With the primary care physician and Chris walking me through the process of what to expect to the deterioration of my mother’s health, I would have had too much anxiety to deal with. Chris kept me encouraged as the primary caregiver, and explained everything to me in easy, simple language and terms. My mom lived several months longer than predicted. Annie, who came by to bathe my mom was very pleasant and nice to work with also. Everyone else that came from Adaptive to assist me in caring for my mom up until the day she died was also very professional and pleasant to work with. Thank all of you so much for helping through the process.

-Patrick Crone

Adaptive Hospice helped monitor my father’s health during the last days of his precious life. They confirmed what I knew about his care at Choice Christian care. They were helpful and I am grateful for all the help they provided for my dad and his caregivers.

-Brenda Overstreet

My family and I loved Adaptive, especially Chris. He and others took such great care of our Mom, Eunice Frazier. Chris was always available and mom loved him. I remember he came at night once because I called him and she looked up at him and said, “what are you doing here at night?” She loved and trusted him like a son. When mom passed, I climbed up in the bed to hold mom, so Chris could clean her. I’ll never forget that or the kindness and respect he showed her right up to the end and even at the funeral home. We kept a journal and all are glowing comments. Thank you Chris and Crew! We love you guys!

-Kathy Stepp

We switched to Adaptive Hospice because of the care my father received from Chris Thomas. When he was with a different hospice provider, Chris was the face of hospice to my father and our family. He coordinated my father’s care and provided us with a hospice experience second to none. Our decision to move to Adaptive Hospice was based on the quality of staff that they were successful at onboarding. I have recommended Chris Thomas and Adaptive Hospice to others because of the positive experience that my family had. Adaptive Hospice is made up of people that are aware of the needs and concerns of the person’s and families they serve.

-Peter L. Bowen

Dear Adaptive Hospice and Associates:
I’d like to thank you for the short time you were able to help. Your response was excellent and your care was well appreciated. In the last days of my wife’s life, she felt very cared for. Your support on the last day of her life was well felt.

-Michael T. Robison

As a volunteer for Hospice ten or more years ago, I saw the service from a little different perspective. I knew what was offered and also knew that in many cases hospice should/could have called earlier. Since I have been involved, newer services are now offered and the “stigma” of 6 months to live removed. On calling Adaptive, your services were explicitly explained and were accepted immediately. We were encouraged to make our own decision based on recommendations of Adaptive’s Staff. No matter who was on call, their knowledge of our situation and their expertise was phenomenal. My thanks to each of them for their care and concern, the 24/7 availability, and their compassion. We were exceedingly pleased and would highly recommend Adaptive Hospice’s services to others.


I made the decision that George should not get care to keep him alive. Your organization sent Lisa to meet with me. She was professional and I could tell she cared about both George and Me. That was Friday evening and George died early the next morning. I also met with a counselor. We visited for an hour. It was helpful to me. Forgive me, I can’t think of her first name. I am still processing my new life alone. I have had some up’s and downs but I am doing well. Thank you for your help.

-Gayla Sumpter

In 2016, Adaptive Hospice was created to meet the need of countless Hoosiers. Our goal as a hospice provider isn’t to be the biggest provider, but to be a local, trusted and reliable provider that you will be confident in choosing every time for your family or patients

The Adaptive hospice team develops a care plan that meets each patient's individual needs for pain management and symptom control.

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