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August Employee of the Month!

August Employee of the Month!

Rachael Parker was very close to being unanimously voted as our August Employee of the Month by her coworkers. We are so very happy for Rachael, as she is our most recent RN hired and yet she has accomplished so much with Adaptive in her short time with us.

Rachael started with Adaptive Hospice in March of this year. As soon as she completed a week or two of orientation, Covid-19 changed our community and healthcare as we knew it. Rachael took it all in stride, never complained and stepped up to the challenge of being a hospice nurse. We are so glad that she did and when we asked her coworkers about Rachael, this is what they had to say:

“Rachael is a great team player. She always helps me out with my patients when I’m running behind by starting their bath or just offering companionship. She is always smiling regardless of the situation.” – Anna Wilson, CNA

“Rachael is assertive and expressive. Which make her an excellent nurse with spicy personality. I love her humor.”- T.C. Baker, Chaplain

“Rachael is very and compassionate. She will always goes the extra mile to do what’s best for each patient.” – Heather Pierson, RN

“Rachael joined our team not long ago but fit in instantly! I am constantly hearing wonderful things about her from our families and partners in the community. She definitely goes above and beyond with everything she does and has so much heart and compassion.” – April Avis, Community Liaison

Rachael has voiced that she is proud and honored to be able to work in her hometown of Scottsburg. We also love that we are able to give Rachael the opportunity to care for her neighbors and community.

Thank you, Rachael for being a caring professional on our team. We hope you continue to learn and grow with our Adaptive Hospice Family.

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