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Connecting During Covid

In March 2020, the face of healthcare changed throughout the entire country. Access to hospitals, nursing homes, doctors offices and assisted livings became very restricted to everyone, even to hospice. Even though Adaptive Hospice provides much needed services to individuals in Indiana, restrictions were put in place to protect those who are at high risk and we respect those precautions.

When faced with restrictions to meet with healthcare providers on a regular basis and because we wanted to show fellow healthcare providers support, we rolled out our TRUNK & MUNCH.

The Trunk & Munch has been an opportunity for us to be mobile and to meet with other healthcare providers where they work. Nurses and other staff from different facilities came outside to speak with our us and to learn more about Adaptive Hospice. All of the staff that came out were met with fun music, snacks and drinks, all provided by Adaptive. We laughed, caught up and was able to make everyone feel appreciated!

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