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Go Lindsey Go!

Go Lindsey Go!

Lindsey Wise, RN was selected by her coworkers to be our January 2021 Employee of the Month. Although Lindsey has only been with us for 90 days, she has taken us all by surprise. The surprise being that she hopped right into providing hospice care, like she’s been doing it her whole life.

Here is what her coworkers had to say about Lindsey:

“Lindsey is such a great team player”

“She jumped in from day one and is eager to help and learn”

“I know she is the “new kid”…but she will always do anything that is asked of her, whether that’s an admission, phone call or seeing a patient. The patients and their families love her and so do I! What a great addition to our team!”

“Lindsey steps up when we need her, never complains, always positive and has the best smile. I’m so happy to have her at Adaptive!”

“Love her positivity and love working with her”

Congratulations again to Lindsey, we hope she enjoys her award and all of the recognition she receives.

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