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Heather Pierson is selected!

Heather Pierson is selected!

Heather Pierson, RN Clinical Manager was selected this week as our March Employee of the Month. Heather has been with Adaptive a little over a year and she proven herself from day one as an asset.

Here is what her coworkers had to say about Heather:

-Heather has done a great job in Amber’s Absence. She is very helpful and never makes me feel like I am bothering her, even when I’m having a “needy” day and message or call her 100 times.

-Heather Pierson…she has stepped into her new position and has been able to support us and lead us to even with being on her own!!!

-She is amazing-does a wonderful job even under pressure.

-Because she works hard every day and must always deal with my phone calls every day. She has done an amazing job since Amber has been off and when Chris is out of the office as well.

-Heather is so dependable and levelheaded. She comes in everyday with a goal of supporting us and making us better.

Heather, thank you for everything you do for our patients and for our office. Congratulations on being recognized for your greatness.

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