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Jenn Graduates!

On July 14th, Jenn Winans, one of our amazing hospice nurses graduated from Nurse Practitioner school. Our entire team was so proud of Jenn that we wanted to throw her a surprise. We selected an IDT date to ensure everyone could attend to congratulate her. Jenn walked in to find a catered breakfast from Wild Eggs, balloons and a banner that read, “Congrats Grad”. Jenn was so surprised that she smiled really big and had tears in her eyes.

Jenn explained to us that she is the first person from her family to graduate with her Master’s Degree. Jenn had a countdown online counting the days down to graduate and then to have a “kid-free” vacation with her husband. Being a wife, mom, nurse and student through these crazy times, we hope that Jenn enjoys her much deserved relaxing vacation.

“Don’t ever give up on your dreams, because dreams do come true if you work hard enough for it. Onward and upward. No dreams too big because the sky’s the limit!”. -Jenn Winans

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