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Jimmy Shares Why He Chose Adaptive

Jimmy Shares Why He Chose Adaptive

Adaptive Hospice would like to introduce you to our newest RN Case Manager, Jimmy Pierce. Jimmy knows firsthand what kind of impact that hospice can have on end of life care for the patient and family, as his family used Adaptive Hospice.

When we asked Jimmy why he wanted to be a hospice nurse and why he chose Adaptive, Jimmy provided the following testimonial:

Becoming a nurse and being able to care for others has always been a calling for me. I longed to be part of something bigger than myself since a young age. I realize that is why most nurses became nurses and, for me, that passion has never subsided. Out of nursing school I worked in the Oncology ICU, caring for cancer patients after surgery and administering high-dose chemotherapy. I truly received a sense of purpose and personal fulfillment of knowing I was making a difference in the lives of my patients. I was also able to make my faith a huge part of my work, praying for and with patients and their families.

Working in Oncology, I became quite familiar with hospice services. Part of nursing is saving lives but there is another part that is not often talked about: allowing a life to end. This is how I viewed hospice care then. A hospice nurse would be called to the unit once it became apparent the patient was ready to stop treatment or any other life-saving measures. Hospice was “giving up the fight”. For many years this is how it was portrayed.

This was until my wife’s father was diagnosed with Brain metastasis following a yearlong battle with lung cancer. The lung cancer had been treated and he had gone into remission, but he had begun to have frequent episodes of dizziness and the occasional fall. A follow-up scan revealed several brain tumors. The unrelenting fighter he was, he elected to have an extensive brain surgery to remove a tumor that was the culprit for his episodes. The surgery was successful but he required a great deal of care. As my wife and I are both nurses, we decided he would stay with us to heal and be cared for with the greatest intent of getting him home in time for Christmas.

We met our goal of getting him home for Christmas, but he still continued to decline mentally and physically. The week of the New Year, we brought him back in to live us and began discussing his options with him and his doctors as well as the family. It was at this time we decided we needed more help, and so, we were referred to Adaptive Hospice. This is when we had the absolute pleasure of meeting Cindy.

Cindy is a hospice nurse with Adaptive and she is an incredible soul. She told us that hospice was not just about allowing or assisting a person to die, but rather allowing a being to live the best possible life until the moment they are called home! Cindy encouraged us to get him out of the house and help him continue to experience all that he loved in life. Pop was an attorney and hence an extraordinarily social creature! He loved to eat at restaurants for meals and visit with friends and family regularly. Cindy not only encouraged us to continue doing these things with him, but also provided the much needed tools for us to do so with and for him!

Pop lived with us for another two months and on February 27th we celebrated his 75th birthday at our home, surrounded by friends and family. He was very much present and had a great time! He was called home just a few days later on March 2nd and we have no doubt he lived his final days to their fullest.

Cindy was ever-present and guided us through every step, even until his last day. We are forever grateful for her care and guidance.

My wife and I discussed throughout this process what a great nursing experience we had and what a blessing it must be to be a part of something so great as to allow a person to pass in a way they were permitted to live every minute to its fullest. What a change in perspective I had!

This week I begin my hospice career with Adaptive Hospice and I pray that I can be the blessing to another family as Cindy has been to us. Today, during my orientation, I was able to have lunch with her and thank her for her service personally.

What a beautiful example and testimony about how experiencing something on a personal level will open your eyes and give you a new perspective. We are very grateful to add Jimmy to our caring team of nurses and have no doubt on the lives he will change.


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