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Memorial Service 2020

On November 6th, 2020, the Jeffersonville office held its annual memorial service. Invites were sent to the bereaved family and loved ones that received our services from October 2019 to October 2020.

Those who attended were greeted at the door by Melissa Porche and Sara Browning, our social workers. They were handed a rock with the instructions to decorate/paint the rock to serve as a memory of the loved one they lost. Once the rocks were decorated they were returned to the basket to be presented to the family during the service.

TC Baker greeted those that attended with a prayer followed by Lisa Freeman doing a reading. Amber Young and Rachael Parker lit candles in memory of those we loved and lost. Steven Limbrick read scripture and prayed for the bereaved. TC then called family and friends up to gather their rock and invited them to share a memory of their loved one.

This memorial service not only serves our bereaved, but helps our staff with coping with the loss of our patients. We love our patients and their family, like we do our own.

If your family was assisted this year by Adaptive Hospice and needs further bereavement counseling, please reach out to our office at 812-590-1575.

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